The Financial Arrangements Kit

Front Desk MBA in a box


UCR Myths and Magic may be the best course ever for the front desk person and the doctor. It was difficult to write a short title for an exciting course that covers: 100% collections, office overhead, return on investment capital, communication skills for the patient, communication skills related to the insurance industry, an explanation of how UCR is actually derived, how UCR compares to your fees, how UCR compares to the Delta Dental fee list, how to calculate lost money from HMO and PPO membership, how to get raises for the doctor and the staff, mixed with some fun stories and motivation. It is Dr Pankey's ideas as practiced by Dr Webb, in an insurance environment.

2 audio-CDs. Every word is about the kind of challenges they face daily with patients, insurance companies, staff and dare I say, doctors, sometimes?! Most front desk people get their training on the fly. Few have MBA degrees. Yet they are asked to manage a lot of money, make the sale, collect the money, send the insurance claims, write-off the PPO loses without affecting your cash flow, improve your profit percentage...and smile. She'll do better with some more training. The most frequent complaint is that they listen to it on the weekends, and one almost ran the toll booth she was so involved in the CD.Get the 100% Collections - Myths and Magic - kit and take control of your financial future.  The title is UCR - Myths and Magic because once you are comfortable with your fees, now you need to sell the dentistry and collect the money. Each kit covers an area of your practice, with details. Together, they provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-use set of tools that seamlessly integrate highly profitable management, communications, and coding techniques. With the Complete Combo, experienced and novice front office managers can implement these superior techniques easily, quickly and inexpensively. Gain control of your dental fee lists and your relationship with Delta Dental Insurance.


The most experienced front desk people and doctors will enjoy the added power and flexibility found in one place. Skills typically learned only in multiple seminars over multiple years, at a cost of thousands of dollars and many lost office hours, will be learned quickly with this system.

Dr Woody Oaks Says:

This seminar is the best and most intensive training available today concerning dental insurance management.Your office will quickly recapture the investment made, to increase your cash flow, and decrease office stress immediately. You will be able to discuss dental UCR in a friendly, yet factual way with your patients after taking this course. This course is suggested for doctors, hygienists, clinical assistants, and administrative people.

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