The Hygiene/Perio Coding Kit

Avoid Litigation from Non-Diagnosis of Perio

Understand the Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Diseases


Prophylaxis means to prevent. D1110 is a prevention code.  It is malpractice to do a preventive procedure on a person who has periodontal disease. You become legally liable. Patients and insurance companies may successfully sue and state boards may investigate.

Save A Life - Diagnose and Treat Periodontitis

Go to YouTube video by Dr Webb for more information.  Search YouTube for the many videos related to periodontitis and systemic disease. Call Dr Webb and ask him to tell you about the dentist in Alabama who told Dr Webb that they saved his sister's life by having his sister's perio treated while she was in the hospital for pneumonia.


The Dental Hygiene Coding Kit may be the most critical of the kits. This exciting update to your hygiene department is a built-in soft-tissue management course, a dental insurance coding course and an anti-litigation course. You will immediately see a tremendous increase in the confidence with which treatment is presented. The staff will believe that the treatment is a bargain, even at the new fees. Please read what Dr Oaks has to say in the right-hand column.


The laminated page, it's a complete dental hygiene coding sheet! Every diagnostic and treatment dental code that you need for everyday dental hygiene care. Several "soft-tissue management" courses use it (informally) as a guide for their strategies. The dental treatment and dental coding are both state-of-the-art. The dental hygienists' job is complex. They "help" with the periodontal diagnosis, they help with the restorative diagnosis and treatment plan, they usually present the case and explain it again after the doctor leaves the room. If you are going to move away from the "prophy on everybody style" of practice and start to make a diagnosis, you need the new dental hygiene codes and some training on the new issues of dental hygiene coding.


Most important is the Audio-CD which discusses the huge upswing in litigation over non-diagnosis of periodontal disease. Patient and ATTORNEY awareness of the relationships between heart disease, cardio-vascular diseases of all types, diabetes and many others, make it insanity squared to not record a diagnosis today. Use in combination with the UCR table for the current dental fees to go along with the CDT 2012 codes.


The Resource Book - updated research and documentation of current dental and medical etiology and complications. See the dental codes that are being discussed. Understand quickly why the fees are they way they are. See evidence of mounting litigation. Do YOU know how to use these codes: D0140, D0150, D0160, D0170 and D0180. If not, you lose more money each day, than the complete combo costs. The latest information linking systemic and periodontal diseases is included.


Your Fees in hygiene may be the most critical to keep current.

Your dental fees in dental hygiene are critical as most offices see more patients in hygiene per day than any other department. Most offices lose tons of money every day because the latest and best dental codes aren't used. Are you using these dental codes every day? D0170 and D1080? Nobody has time to learn the new codes, they're too busy working on a "loss leader". Protect yourself from litigation. This Dental Hygiene Coding Kit is critical. Audio-CD makes e-z listening, e-z learning.


A Prophy may be the single most risk-filled procedure that a dental office could perform today. It could cost you your license for "failure to diagnose."



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