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Fee Analyzer or UCR Table

The Basic Facts

This is the only information available that is based on all insurance claims submitted.

These are the same numbers for which the insurance companies pay millions per year.

The numbers are based on new data and new calculating procedures using actual claims data.  This company provides the same data for all medical specialties, and is the only source used by real insurance companies for all of medicine/dentistry. Both medical and dental databases are updated 4 times per year.  q 3 mo.  Annual changes are made to the covers - and non-fee information. So there are 4 version - all with the same year date on cover. It has all CDT codes. It has 7 percentiles.

You will want to use the 80th percentile as explained in the free UCR/FEE ANALYZER companion guide.

The coverage area is the first three digits of your zip, such as 900XX, or 600XX or 303XX or 545XX.

Order today as there is an average 10-14 day turn-around.

The fee for this service is $299.99 plus $16 shipping and handling. We use FEDEX.

We will not bill your credit card until your order ships.

This is NOT a survey, it is the actual database used to pay your claims.

Dental Fee Analyzer, The UCR Table or even Dental Fees Listing, as some prefer, has made the biggest change in dentistry of the last decade. Thousands of office use this dependable, reliable, authentic dental fee information to set a fair fee in their office. It's the real thing; not "our" fee list and not a survey. (Learn why that matters below) Set your dental fees with confidence, using the proven source. Each dental fee you choose makes a difference to your practice. You simply can't guess anymore. Know the fee. This may be the most crucial of the kits for your financial health. See the YouTube video for information on using this to help set fees that work.

Why this dental fee list or UCR versus the others? That is a great question, I'll give you a great answer. All of the insurance companies want to compare dental fees, just like you do. They can't either, because it would be restriction of trade. So, they formed an association. An association that isn't an insurance company. That association collects all the dental insurance claims data in the US. The association then collates all of the dental fees, sorts by zip area (see below) and by percentile (see below). The insurance companies pay millions of dollars per year for this dental fee data. The dental fee data is per zip code area: the first three digits, per percentile and the fee for each and every dental code is to the penny. Anyone, that's anyone, who uses a "multiplier" doesn't have the actual dental fee table. Anyone that uses a dental fee survey, including the American Dental Association, doesn't have the real dental fee data from the authentic source.

So, this is the ONLY one based on all the real claims, submitted by real doctors, in your real zip area, for services they really did and the dental fees listed are the dental fees they really submitted. The owner of this data makes millions and millions yearly from selling the dental fee data to the big insurance companies. Why don't they want to sell it to you for $30/$90? Well, they really don't want to sell it to you very badly at all. And the insurance companies don't want them to sell it to you. So, from them to you..."the fee is $299." It's a bargain, to get the actual dental fees being charged and paid in your neighborhood. Get yours, and establish your fees, while we still can.

If you submit a claim to a real insurance company, and they pay you the maximum allowable for that procedure, then you know your fees are too low. For example: The real UCR is $1000.  You submit a claim for that code that is only $900.  They will pay (if it were a crown at 50% payable) you $450. If they pay what you charge, then you are charging below UCR.  In this case, they would have paid you $500.  You lost $50 because you don't know the UCR.  Realistically, it is more like a $100 or $200 that you are losing, or leaving on the table.  They would pay the higher amount, with no hassle to you or the patient.

Still more...: The insurance companies all use this same dental fee table. How do you get different checks then? Each of the insurance companies sells different policies at different percentiles. The different percentiles carry different fees. Not to worry, they're in dental fee analyzer. Just remember, the 80th percentile is the most commonly sold. Use it as your benchmark. For you personally, here's the test. If you don't get a note on your EOB that says you exceeded UCR, you must be charging LESS than the policy would have paid! You don't want to be lower than the lowest, cheapest, policies, do you?

Zip Code Area: A zip area is the first three digits of your zip area.

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